Elect John Ahern 2013 Experience Counts!

Dear friends and Neighbors,

Having lived in Washington for over 45 years, I clearly understand the struggles this city faces and seeks to overcome. I was an elected member of the State Legislature for 10 years, and have gained the experience and knowledge to know that bipartisan work is one of the best ways to assure our needs are met. I have worked hard to champion Eastern Washington values in the House of Representatives and now I will bring my experience to City Hall.

This website is designed to be an opportunity for me to share my views, gather comments on issues important to you, keep the community up-to-date on news about the campaign, and let you know how we can work together to ensure that the city of Spokane is a great place to live, raise a family, work and do business.

Since my wife and I run our own business, Janco Products, we see that we (residents of Spokane and the surrounding area) are facing serious problems. The need for living-wage jobs, transportation investments that support business growth, and enhanced public safety impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods as well as the opportunities we are able to offer our children. Clearly, our city needs strong, experienced leadership in order to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities represented by our neighborhoods, geography, schools, and diverse citizenry.

As your City Councilman, I will continue to introduce ideas, champion issues, and reflect priorities that are important to ensuring a prosperous Spokane. I will work with an open mind thoughtfully considering each issue and not acting in lock-step with any interest.

Let me know how you think state government ought to serve its citizens. YOUR thoughts, ideas, and comments will help me better represent you and ensure that I address issues important to Spokane.

I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact me anytime.


John Ahern



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